I have 20 Years professional experience as a Theatre Maker And Creative Practitioner and have performed and directed my own and others work in theatres, galleries & outside spaces throughout the UK & Europe. I make installations, performances and events; using structured improvisation, giving the work a hyper-live feel. Often participatory, playful, I like experimenting & creating events in unexpected places: on the phone, street, beach, in kitchens, forests and lifts. As a Creative Practitioner, I work alongside arts and “non-arts” people (aged 8 months to 80 years) in and out of education on a wide variety of projects – using an approach inspired by the early years practice in Reggio Emilia (Italy). Recently I’ve set up a Children’s Theatre Company to grow this area of my work, and build a company of artists who regularly collaborate to make work that has a clear ethos and identity.  Read more about AURORA here.


I make performances, audio pieces and installations for the stage, gallery & street.  The pieces are often participatory & playful.  I use structured improvisation rather than creating something completely set as I’m often trying to make something that feels real, now and connected.  I’m interested in the live-ness of theatre – it’s one-off-ness and the temporary community that’s formed.  I like experimenting and doing things that haven’t been done before. I like making theatre for audiences that wouldn’t usually choose to step inside the building.

The performances I make are personal and often concerned with self-expression and repressed feelings, with what’s happening on the inside as different to the outside.  I like to bring into focus things we don’t talk about very much in English culture: to make the invisible visible, the impossible – possible and to dare to celebrate what we don’t usually see.  I hope to make a world that is a little bit magical: where different rules can operate – even if it’s just fleetingly.


Over the last 20 years as a practitioner I have developed a specific approach that is child (person) centred and inspired by the early years practice in Reggio Emilia (Italy).  I look to find authentic ways of creating with the people I work with to make collaborative artworks. I work with people of all ages as artistic collaborators and favour a co-learning environment whereby we collectively discover possibilities and co-create (mainly live) installations or performances together. I often view my role as to construct structures and environments that inspire and hold the people I work with – allowing them to be free and creative whilst at the same time producing high quality artworks.  This approach has seeped into the performances and installations I make and in some works, such as Pause and Can You See Me? I collaborate with

‘Lucy Cassidy has a unique child centred approach to developing work. Whether she is facilitating, directing or mentoring Lucy holds a space gently almost invisibly but with the upmost care. Lucy cares a lot about the invitation. By offering very clear, open but thought through prompts/ suggestions/ gifts she creates a warm creative environment where children / adults can’t help but thrive. Under Lucy’s careful artistic eye those sparks of ideas are gently shaped into something always beautiful often profound and always thoroughly unique to the person that made them. ‘ Sita Calvert-Ennals, Theatre Director and Lecturer, Bath Spa University


I trained at Bristol University and have performed my work throughout the UK and in Europe notably at The National Review of Live Art (UK) and Plateaux (DE).

Recent Awards and Bursaries:

  • Recipient Leverhulme Scholarship 2015
  • Recipient of the TYA UK travel bursary for Augenblick-Mal Festival and ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering in Berlin April 2015
  • Associate Artist the egg, children’s theatre 2012 – present

I co-founded The Special Guests Theatre Company 2002-2010 and Residence, Bristol’s artist-led space for theatre and performance makers in 2006.  I also work as a Mentor, Facilitator, Dramaturg and Director.

As a Creative Practitioner I have worked mainly in the Bristol and Bath area for 5x5x5=creativity, Arnolifini, Bath Young Carers Association, Bristol Council, Creative Partnerships, Mentoring Plus, South Gloucestershire Library service,Spike Island,the egg, Theatre Royal Bath and Travelling Light, as well as numerous schools and colleges. I’m passionate about and was the Lead Artist on the radical creative education project School Without Walls.

Occasionally I direct other artists work most recently for Liz Clarke with I’m Bitter about Glitter and Theatre Yolo.  I also occasionally perform and host other people’s performances most recently in Kaleider’s The Money.

After living and working in Bristol for over 15 years, I moved to Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK in 2016 and took a career break to have my second child. I’m delighted to be joining another creative community and whilst staying connected with my Bristol Artistic Community, I am looking forward to working here in Stroud and beyond.SaveSave