The Special Guests

Devising, Performing and Producing | 2002 – 2010

Co-founder of Bristol-based theatre company The Special Guests who made performances for the UK and Europe for theatre spaces, galleries and beyond.

The company was formed as we finished out degree at Bristol University and Nina and Lucy’s dissertation performance was selected for the National Review of Live Art.  We continued working together out of a shared desire to find new forms of theatre that were appropriate to the world we saw around us. Our work explored themes of personal identity, dressing up and disguise, cities, love lives (or lack of) and family ties.

We were interested in questioning established theatrical structures and conventions, and sought to challenge as well as entertain audiences. During this time we also curated The Flaw Set a DIY cross art-form event that wove together live music, theatre and performance poetry – mixing music and theatre going audiences. We were also founding members of Residence – an artist-led studio space and home for Bristol’s live artists.